This page collates useful tools with a special emphasis on Linked Open Data / Semantic Web tools and other tools developed or used by this community ( W3C Semantic Web activity / #odw13, @ISWC2013)
The tools covered here are not fully covered in the GovHack Developer Kit : the focus of this page is more on the data preparation phase, up to the creation of flexible APIs to access the data. There are tools like the Linked Data API and Graphity which can be used by Linked Open data publishers to offer access to linked data via APIs including JSON APIs (... the Linked Data Platform working group is tackling the read/write requirements).
VisualBox is a handy tool for the quick development of mashups (with a range of visualisation options) - Developed by Alvaro Graves, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Background on Semantic Web, Linked Data

Linked Data guidelines (General, URIs)

W3C Gov Linked Data working group (GLD) Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data (April 2013)

W3C Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group (DWBP WG)

Guidelines for exposing data as RDF in Open PHACTS Working Draft 07 October 2013 and Latest editor's draft:
and VoID Validator



Multingual Linked Data


Top Braid and Protege (comparison in )

RDF Editor (Notepad replacement for Turtle)

Tools for (Linked) Data publishers (pre-processing, cleanup)


recently advertised circa W3C Open Data on the Web Workshop
(not tested)

myGrid / simple-spreadsheet-extractor Simply reads a XLS or XLSX spreadsheet document, and creates an XML or CVS representation of its contents

Data Extraction/Cleansing Tools

Tools for Linked Data publishers (triplification, linking, validation)

Extraction from structured sources to RDF

Linked Open Data vocabularies (Semantic Stats)

The most popular Linked Open Data vocabularies are listed in Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV)

Examples of projects:

Tools for Linked Data publishers (storage and access to data)

Triple stores(2012 overview:

Triple stores with GeoSPARQL

Platform for building declarative SPARQL triplestore-backed Web applications.

SPARQL-DOC: generate documentation for SPARQL queries by @ldodds

Dydra graph database in the cloud

Tools for Linked Data consumers

SPARQL in R and associated Linked Science Tutorials

Visualisation, Visual analytics

EU Data Forum 2013: Ghislain Atemezing: Towards Interoperable Visualization Applications Over Linked Data Slides + Video

SPARQL queries

And Javascript?

Resources for Linked Data consumers

Public SPARQL endpoints
W3C's list of Currently Alive SPARQL Endpoints
World Bank Linked Data

Lists of tools

Projects and organisations (Linked Open Data)

Projects and organisations (Open Data)

More tools (Open Data)
  • ScraperWiki (@ScraperWikion twitter)
    • Online hosting of PHP/Python/Ruby that allows realtime collaborative editing and downloading of results in open formats
    • Good collection of scraping/file format libraries (also for use locally) for those programming languages including some Python tools that allow you make a simple scraper just by "templating" a single page
Data Visualisation Tools