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CANBERRA ------------------------------------------

  • Anh Nguyen (Canberra)
  • Application programmer developer
  • Interested in
    • Web-based Applications and Database Developer, real time visualisation, innovation, technology, mobile apps
    • Useful skills:
      • Front end: HTML, CSS,
      • SQL

  • Felix Barbalet (Canberra)
  • @xlfe
  • Ran Canberra event for the DataScience Global 24hr Hackathon April 2012
  • Data Miner at a large Australian Government department
  • Python, nltk, R, Neo4j & Ubuntu
  • Interested in: Graph/social network analysis, text mining & sentiment analysis, real time visualisation

George Bray (Canberra)
  • @geobray
  • ruby, js, node, Titanium
  • Interested in broadcasting, media, GIS, social innovation, Gov2, archives, mobile apps

Dr Peter John Chen (Canberra)

John Hilvert (Canberra)
  • journalist/editor
  • @pragmatic45
  • Email:
  • Interested in Government IT policy and procurement
  • Some web design experience mainly
  • Intrigued by using Apps for e-mental health
  • Bluegrass music tragic

Christopher Lee (Canberra)
  • Web Developer Bureau of Meteorology
  • Will be attending GovHack Canberra
  • Useful Skills
    • Front end, Web Development, UX Design, Linux SysAdmin, Git, Graphic Design
    • Arduino/ Embedded Computer Systems/ Physical Computing
    • GeoServer, Postgis, OpenLayers, Google Maps API
  • Email:

Mike Leonard (Canberra)
  • @mleonard87
  • Web-based Applications and Database Developer
  • Useful skills:
    • Front end: HTML, CSS, JS & JQuery.
    • Backend: Java, SQL, PL/SQL
    • Dabbled in: node.js, MongoDB, redis, C#.

Dale Rogers (Canberra)

Harold Schranz (Canberra)

Nic Templeman (Canberra)
  • @NicTempleman
  • UX Design, Graphic Design
  • Interests - application design, data visualisation and the use data for public good
  • Experience - previously Manager Applications for large Not-For-Profit organisation
  • Community sector rep for FAHCSIA's FRSP Online data collection working group
  • Previously a graphic designer in another life

Miles Goodhew
  • @M0les
  • Making coffee
  • Cracking jokes
  • Java (SE)
  • Linux/Unix systems programming/admin
  • Computer Science

SYDNEY -----------------------------------------------

Andrew Harvey (Sydney)

Joel Courtney (Sydney)

Kelvin Nicholson (Sydney)

William Parry (Sydney)

James Polley (Sydney)

Mark Greenaway (Sydney)
  • @certifiedwaif
  • Experience: Statistics, analytics, data visualisation - mostly in R. Used to program a long time ago.
  • Interested in learning new things and meeting a few new people. Also interested in statistical machine learning/data mining.

John Hartley (Sydney)