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People Key (there are a few people commenting so here are who they are)

CT: Craig Thomler
JP: James Purser
WE: Wayne Eddie

Community Issues that Need Solving

(CT: These don't require 'solving' - they need systemising so as to improve how they work, none can be 'solved'. Also they are NOT about the community - they are about helping agencies achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently and deliver better policy and service delivery outcomes for the Australian community. Focus on 'the Gov 2.0 community' and the real goals will not be delivered.)
  • knowledge sharing across Gov 2.0 community (and gov more broadly too)
  • skills development (CT: let's start with skills identification - I am developing competency frameworks for social media and community manager roles in government)
  • documentation of case studies to be used as precedents
  • information for us grunts to help upper management get on board (such as risk mitigation strategies, outline of policy precedent, examples where Secretaries have set precedents in Estimates, how to frame Gov 2.0 within broader agenda) (CT: See the final point I added)
  • community building across the country (CT: see my points under Gov 2.0 in Australia)
  • strategic approach to events coordination (so as to not cut across each other) - (CT: see my points under Gov 2.0 in Australia)
  • lack of representative voice (from James Kliemt)
  • CT: limited volunteerism (meaning very few people willing to consistently expend effort supporting the broader goals of Gov 2.0) - if this isn't considered, nothing will happen other than through the handful of people who take action now.
  • CT: Templates and systems that are stored centrally and may be used & improved by agencies (and resubmitted) - a Githhub for policy/guidance/training/systems
  • WE: A directory of people interested in open government, with a brief bio explaining the interest in open government and how they are helping or would like to help the cause.

Gov 2.0 Community Development Ideas

  • Regular events - regularity is less relevant than useful, and there is a need to have specialised streams for people with different interests/skills, not 'one size fits all' events (not everyone cares about/loves mashup camps Pia). (Bold CT).
  • Consolidate knowledge in single place that is ongoing and that agencies are mandated to contribute to. (Bold CT)
  • JP:

Gov 2.0 in Australia

  • Create a peak body around Open Gov/Gov 2.0. This org could do some or all of the following:
    • Lobbying around open gov
    • Community support
    • Provide support and infrastructure (eg ABN, accounting, web) for community events (eg BarCamp)

  • CT: I TOTALLY disagree - we don't need a single 'peak body' and in fact I think it would be highly detrimental - we need different types of bodies fit for their purpose:
    1) A not-for-profit association as an umbrella for strategically oversighting events and to manage the invoicing issue we face right now with sponsorship across events such as BarCamps, etc. This is broader than Gov 2.0 and would be used for a range of volunteer-run events (Innovation/Change/Management/etc). Maybe it could have web space available for use, however this isn't the main purpose.
    2) Organisations focused on demonstrating and advocating best practice in different realms (particularly for open data) - potentially with some lobbying thrown in. May be for-profit or not-for-profit
    3) Support and training organisations providing community support. Probably for-profit
    4) Informal networks - as we have now
    These need to be set-up by people who want to set them up, not by 'the community' - but by committed individuals who wish to work in one or more of these areas due to belief or profit goals.
  • JP: So what you're looking at is possibly this?:
    • BarCampAU - Not for profit for helping Barcamps and other similar community events with costs and resources
    • OpenGovAU - Not for profit for developing/demonstrating/advocating best practice in Open Gov related things (this is the original idea of a "peak body" for Open Gov)
    • OpenGovRUs - A for profit org that works with all levels of government to help identify and develop Open Gov related projects that provide real benefits rather than simply ideological benefits.

(I find it useful to begin by agreeing whait outcome is sought. Personally, I don't think 'more open government' is sufficient. It would be better to have a statement like "to achieve better recognition of the ability of open government to achieve improvements in public policy and services to citizens and business)

(this can identify matters that limit the scope of the aim)
  • No current funding
  • Unlikely to be able to enact laws

(matters to beconsidered)

(what can we use)

(what different choices are there to achieve the aim within the limitations, considering the factors and with the available resources)

Best Option(s)

Implementation Plan

I know this soundsvery ordered, etc. But I contend that if you want to get stuff done in a short period, you need analysis and logic, not just wishes. (John Sheridan)