October 2014 update for Health Hack: http://www.healthhack.com.au/

(HealthHack 2013 summary Hacking for health research by The Age

National Preventive Health Surveillance in Australia: a guide to understanding governance and coordination December 2013
Published by the Australian National Preventive Health Agency
(make a copy of it because this is a non-ongoing commonwealth agency)

Reeves, P; Keese, P. (2013) Finding Common Ground: Establishment of a Regulatory Science Network
For each of the bubbles in slide 2, the corresponding agency manages one or several datasets. It would be good to have a conversation on which ones should be available as open data apart from:
  • APVMA PUBCRIS dataset for registered Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Products and Approved Actives which is on data.gov.au (CC 3.0)

REMINDER : there is an data.gov.au ideascale web site for Government Datasets or APIs suggestions Please add your own and/or vote for existing ones (check also the comments)

REMINDER: some health data was released for GovHack 2014


Stefaan Verhulst, Beth Simone Noveck, Robyn Caplan, Kristy Brown, Claudia Paz The GOVLAB (NYU) May 2014 THE OPEN DATA ERA IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE A blueprint for the National Health Service (NHS England) to develop a research and learning programme for the open data era in health and social care http://thegovlab.org/nhs/

Open Health Data

A page to feed the discussions of the Canberra Heath Tech Meetup Group on Open Data http://www.meetup.com/Health-Tech-Canberra/ and prepare future activities

State of Open Data for health

Publicly-funded research

Industry-funded research (to prevent data dredging)


Australian Open Health Data

GovPond http://www.govpond.org/index.php#search:Health by WA particiant to GovHack

RPI (leading US research institute for Semantic Web and Open Data) has an international search engine for open data set which works well
http://logd.tw.rpi.edu/demo/international_dataset_catalog_search (select Health and Australia)

Open Health Data in the US

(US example) Department of Health and Human Services Open Government Plan Version 2.0 April 9, 2012 http://www.hhs.gov/open/plan/opengovernmentplan/openplanversion2.pdf

Exciting Developments at Health.Data.Gov http://semanticweb.com/exciting-developments-at-health-data-gov_b20602 and http://www.data.gov/health/blog/clinical-quality-linked-data-healthdatagov http://health.data.gov/cqld/ (slides) http://www.slideshare.net/george.thomas.name/hdi-iii-healthdatagov-now-next-and-challenges (slides)

Health Datapalooza http://healthdatapalooza.org/history-of-the-health-datapalooza/ Palooza are hack days with a special "discuss your business plan" part at the end of the event.
And here is the associated Video site http://vimeo.com/hdiforum

Hack Days (UPDATED Oct 2014)

Hack Days

Recognise the different types of (Health) Hack days:

HackingMedicine@MIT http://hackingmedicine.mit.edu/
  • Mission: Create an ecosystem at MIT, hosting the Boston medical community and beyond to teach entrepreneurs and clinicians the skills necessary to launch disruptive healthcare businesses.
  • via a interesting comment in Who Owns Hackathon Inventions? by Alan Steele | 9:00 AM June 11, 2013

Possibly get in contact with the Swedes (they have a meetup group and have shared a lot of information

Health Hack Day Sweden http://www.healthhackday.com/ Health Hack Weekend (May 17-19) with speakers, networking and a 24 hour hackathon with new innovations in mobile health, self tracking and other solutions related to healthcare, selfcare or wellness and videos on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/HealthHackDay

(2012 : http://www.youtube.com/user/healthhackday2012 ) Winners presentations at http://www.digitalhealthdays.se/news/digital-health-days-in-collaboration-with-health-hack-day
(the twitter and facebook pages are less focused on hack days https://twitter.com/HealthHackDay / https://www.facebook.com/HealthHackDay )

Also on my list: