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Availability of research data and of data for researchers

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The CSIRO Data Access Portal provides access to data published by CSIRO across a range of disciplines (User Guide, catalog API). It gives access to CC-BY and CSIRO Data License datasets.
The main access page

There is a spatial search feature:

The help pages are located on a separate wiki (and so is the CSIRO Data License which is relatively hard to find - not indexed by Google)

There is an API which can be used to access the catalog content

And here is a list of CC-BY Datasets hosted on the portal:
  • Modelled seabed response to possible climate change scenarios over the next 50 years in the Australian Northeast/North/Northwest - 9 datasets
  • RV Franklin 2/88 Post Cruise Project Data
  • Multi-resolution Ridge Top Flatness (MrRTF, 3" resolution), Multi-resolution Valley Bottom Flatness (MrVBF, 3" resolution) - 2 datasets
  • Satellite ASTER Geoscience Map of Australia
  • Atlas of Australian Acid Sulphate Soils
  • Global Bemisia dataset release version 31 Dec 2012
  • WAMSI Nodes - 5 datasets
  • Median of Percent Slope over 300 m (3" resolution) derived from 1" SRTM DEM-S, Contributing Area - Multiple Flow Direction (Partial) (3" resolution) derived from 1" SRTM DEM-H
  • Two-Rocks moorings data 2004 - 2005
  • Droughty Hill Wind Readings - Tasmanian Earth Resources Satellite Station (1995 -2011)
  • Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Modelling Catchments and Regions - 2 datasets

(Mostly) Science data catalogs (International)

Databib is a searchable catalog / registry / directory / bibliography of research data repositories Includes data sources which have a relatively complicated data access protocol like BioGrid Australia

Data Cite and google doc list via University of Sheffield BITROT page



Data Repositories and Data Access Organizations


Données de la Recherche

Engage Data (Beta = ) and Project

Aid Data


(US) Human Brain Hackathon

(UK) BGS Map data mash-ups gallery | Web services

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