some fantastic information - GovCampACT 2011

The Australian e-Government Technology Cluster are proud to present Australia's first GovCamp.

Date: 10 Sep 2011
Time: 10.00am for a 10:30 start till 4.00pm
Venue: NICTA, Tower A, 7 London Circuit, Canberra CBD, Seminar Room (Ground Floor)
RSVP date: 7 Sep 2011 at
Organisers: The Australian e-Government Technology Cluster with some volunteer support from the Australian Gov 2.0 community
Draft Schedule:
Catering: Lunch and refreshments throughout the day provided
Networking: Everyone is invited to come alon

Supported by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO).

NEW: The Office of the Information Commissioner has put up a page about Open PSI with a proposed model for measuring open data by agencies and departments as well as how to value the social and economic benefits of open PSI. There will be a few sessions at the end of the day in the Open Data stream to discuss as a group. Check it out!

A GovCamp is an unconference event where people from government and people interested in government get together to share knowledge, network, and find opportunities to collaborate. It is targeted at implementers, such as developers, user experience experts, social media and online communications people, technical and project managers, open data people and any other aspects of technology use, innovation and the implementation of open government throughout Australia.

If you are more interested in Gov 2.0 policy, high level strategic direction and what is happening in policy development around the world, check out the FutureGov conference running 12-14 September.

As a day focused on implementation of emerging technologies, Gov 2.0 and Open Government, talks are welcome about new case studies from all spheres of government and also from the broader community engaged in Open Government projects. Also welcome are talks about relevant technologies and policies such as Web 2.0, social media, Augmented Reality, mobile government, geospatial strategies, policies relating to Gov 2.0 implementation, open data/standards/copyright, metadata and how to do online community engagement, as well as anything else related to new ways of doing government and service delivery.

There are 100 spots for the event and it is free, so make sure you RSVP ASAP at the e-Government Technology Cluster website!

Campers can expect the day to include:
  • active discussions throughout the day about implementation of Gov 2.0 projects
  • a few short talks by invited special guests at the beginning and end of the day
  • opportunities to volunteer for twenty-minute sessions on selected themes, where participants can share a case study, idea, or experience

The three themes for the day, which will run in each of the three rooms throughout the day (apart from the welcome and closing talks) are:
  1. Citizen-centric services
  2. Open data
  3. Online public engagement

Hopefully this theming of rooms will make it easier for people to find others in similar projects to talk to and collaborate with.

All talks from the day will be recorded and published shortly after the GovCamp, except where speakers would prefer to not be recorded (which is completely acceptable).

Please RSVP for the event, check out the schedule, then go to the participate page to add your name and areas of interest under the appropriate theme and start to connect with others in anticipation for GovCamp. We also have a volunteers section at the bottom of the participate page if you want to help out on the day :)

See you there!


The event will open for registrations at 1000 and talks will begin at 1030 with the conference welcome and some special guests giving some short talks until 1130 to set the scene for each of the three themes of the conference. We will announce the three speakers in the coming weeks. At the end of the day will be some time allocated for lightening talks (3-4 mins) for those who have something quick and interesting to share with everyone :)

Please add your name under which theme(s) you are interested in, what you'd like to hear about, and if interested, what you'd like to speak about. You can edit this page as a guest, or you can register as a member. Whichever you prefer.

If you want to speak, make sure put your name on the white board at GovCamp on the day! The list below is just to help everyone attending get an idea of what others are interested in, and to make it easier to connect with others interested in the same stuff as you.

Please note, this event is not for product pitches, or anything else salesy.

Citizen-Centric Services

Interested in Hearing
Interested in Speaking about
Pia Waugh
All the cool stuff people are working on
Open Government and Gov 2.0 policy in Australia
James Dellow
The role of Gov 2.0 in reducing the cost of or improving the effectiveness of service delivery, rather than it being a cost centre.
The role of social innovation in citizen-centric services; Using design thinking to createcitizen-centric services; Making it business as usual.
Peter Scarth
Servicing the bush - and the city
Running grazing systems models on-demand - how user reference groups, gaff tape, collaboration and unix pipes can make information useful to people.
James Gibson
Segment management, streamlining services, product/service harmonisation, infrastructure rationalisation, whole of government approaches. Plus cool stuff.
Value creation in customer/stakeholder segments, service delivery and products delivered. How to use this to drive effective outcomes from enterprise architecture, methodologies and infrastructure.
Darren Menachemson
How government agencies are taking on the wicked complexity of designing for people
Meanwhile, elsewhere: three inspiring examples of citizen-centred innovation from around the world
Steve Davies
People using social media to shift organisational culture and the practice of management
Engaging Australian Public Servants to shift the culture of the APS - Do we need an APS Culture app? What could it look like?
Karen Purser
How citizens are engaged to define services and service levels they require from government and local government particularly

Julie Hodgkinson
Evidence base for developing mobile IA, including a request to agencies who have developed a mobile IA to share resources with

Geoff Mason
Tips and tricks - convincing an un-convincible executive that citizen centric services can be of benefit.
Interactive session - what a citizen centric business case should look like? Down to the nuts and bolts what do you need to do and why?

Open Data

Interested in Hearing
Interested in Speaking about
Pia Waugh
All the cool stuff people are working on
Open Government and Gov 2.0 policy in Australia
James Dellow
How Open Data relates to the other themes
Beyond government publishing open data.
Alexander Sadleir
Managing Open Data relationships (support/API keys/advocates/evangelists)
Who has implemented Open Licensing/Open Data for the first time this year?
Scrapers, Transit Data, Financial TX Data
Kerry Webb
Sustainability - all this is not just a flash in the pan

Peter Scarth
...from actual real people using Open Spatial Data for stuff
Serving open, documented, validated nationally consistent spatial data from and across jurisdictions
Kristin Milton
what Peter said : )
Spatial Systems, open standards
Fiona Tweedie
Interesting reuses of open data
Valuing open PSI
Karen Purser
Real life examples of local open data use which can translate into case studies for LG

Anthony Baxter
Open Data as it relates to Public Safety Information (alerts &c)
Disaster mapping (spatial stuff) and what we do at Crisis Response

Online Community Engagement

Interested in Hearing
Interested in Speaking about
Pia Waugh
All the cool stuff people are working on
Open Government and Gov 2.0 policy in Australia
James Dellow
All the cool stuff people are working on
"Return on Community" for government agencies; The importance of being social on the inside, to be social on the outside.
Peter Scarth
Examples of engaging with landholders in rural Oz - barriers and opportunities
Make it in a minute: K-12 wildlife monitoring using FOSS & Classroom 2.0
Gavin Tapp
Reputation economy and online identity

Fiona Tweedie
Building communities that create value for members and organisers

John Hilvert
All the cool stuff people are working on
Coping with IT media without nuking your career
Karen Purser
All the above
"Baby Steps" How local government is using social media to engage - barriers and opportunities (with Anne Howard)
Julie Hodgkinson
Social media lessons learnt, including:
- example business cases,
- how to identify which online conversations to participate in,
- communication strategies and risk assessments,
- estimations on resource requirements for participation and moderation, and
- getting the tone right: how to ensure social media participation matches the
conversational tone of while maintaining authority and government branding.

Mat Walker
How are we going to get eGovernment right?
- Different departments doing things their own way doesnt help joined up Government.
- Government websites often contain a high number of bugs. Why is that?
- Should we have a similar system to the UK's Government Gateway whereby all Gov-Gov, Citizen-Gov, Agency-Gov communications go through the central gateway?


Please add your name to the list below if you'd like to help out on the day. Currently we have Michelle and Krystel from NICTA, and Pia helping with some logistics. It would be great to get a couple more people to help with looking after the rooms, video recording and video editing after the event.
  • Geoff Mason
  • Gavin Tapp
  • Kerry Webb
  • Karen Purser
  • Fiona Tweedie