Pia Waugh & Craig Thomler have started this page for feedback on the GovCampACT schedule and themes.We are looking at themes that will bring together some of the interesting and active communities working in the government space in Canberra, to share, learn & innovate.

We anticipate having the planning for the event finalised by mid March.

Early registration is open at http://govcampcanberramay2012.eventbrite.com.au/ if you are super keen :)

Draft Themes

We've discovered some interesting overlaps in the design and change communities in Canberra with the Gov 2.0 community, and thought it might be interested to get people together. We also thought it might be fun to run an ARDevCamp simultaneously for people doing AR work, but also to introduce AR to more people working in government.
  • Open Data & Visualisation stream
  • Public Engagement stream
  • Policy and Service Design stream
  • Augmented Reality stream (ARDevCamp)
  • Change stream (ChangeCamp?)

Draft Schedule

9:00-10:00 - Introductions and 3x15 min pre-organised and big picture talks to everyone
10:00-10:40 stream talks (2 x 15min, 3-5 rooms = 6-10 talks) - unconference
10:40-11:00 morning tea
11:00-12:00 stream presentations (3 x 15min, 3-5 rooms = 9-15 talks) - unconference
12:15-13:00 lunch
13:00-14:00 panels to whole group (2 x 30min) - will see how they go in GovCampQLD, but seems like a good idea
14:00-15:30 stream workshops (2 x 40 mins, perhaps 3 rooms = 6 workshops). Looking at Applied AR, Service Design, Community Development, Applied Data, Community Consultations, Building senior buy-in
15:30-16:00 afternoon tea
16:00-22:00 hackfest launch - overnight competitions with new shiny datasets, to be announced

5:00 Saturday - hackfest awards


Please add your name below if you'd be interested in helping out.

Alex (@maxious on twitter)