GovCamp at the Inspire Centre, University of Canberra, 5th of June 2012.

What's happening?

For information on what's happening where, see:
  • Schedule - details may change during the day, and sessions will be added, so check out the partition wall...
  • Yellow partition behind the tea and coffee table - this will list options and rooms later in the day. If you're running a session or know the details for an option, please add it there.


The livestream has live video.

The box to the right of the video can display chat or the Twitter #govcamp feed.

Social media


Twitter tag: #govcamp: realtime, top tweets.

(Some participants are using #govcampau. To find both tags: #govcamp OR #govcampau: realtime, top tweets)

Some popular or thought-provoking tweets (this is not an endorsement):

Tea and coffee

Boiling water is available at the sink behind the yellow partition (behind the tea and coffee table).

To find real coffee, see the instructions written up behind the milk on the tea and coffee table.