Welcome to the** Australian GovCamp community!

This wiki is primarily for a university initiative out of Canberra University to support innovation and collaboration with government. It is used to support the people running university GovCamps around the country, but it is also a resource for our community to aggregate useful stuff about innovation in the public sector - including gov 2.0, open gov, civic hacking and citizen-centric public service delivery. Links, reports, case studies, videos, tools, whatever you come across, please contribute it here so other people in the Aussie GovCamp community can learn.

On the shoulders of giants we can all stand taller :)

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What is GovCamp?

A GovCamp is an 'unconference' event where people from government and people interested in government get together to share knowledge, network, and find opportunities to collaborate.

It is targeted at implementers, such as social media and online communications people, community engagement specialists, technical and project managers, open data people, developers and user experience experts, and any others with a story to tell or a question to ask about technology use, innovation and the implementation of e-government throughout Australia.

Case Studies, Ideas and Questions are welcome from all spheres of government and also from the broader community engaged in open government projects.

Topics are decided by the attendees but, if our gov2qld community of practice events are anything to go by, will likely include:

- social media use in and by government
- online community engagement
- agency collaboration
- open data standards, copyright and use
- records management and gov2.0
- social media monitoring
- engaging with young people
- emergency management and agency resilience
- augmented reality
- mobile government
- policies
- legal issues of gov2.0
- anything else related to new ways of doing government and service delivery.

Campers can expect:

- active discussions throughout the day about implementation of Gov 2.0 projects
- a few short talks by invited special guests at the beginning and end of the day
- opportunities to volunteer for twenty-minute sessions on selected themes, where participants can share a case study, idea or experience
- lots of opportunities to network with like minded peers from other agencies and authorities